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Testimonials for our Aesthetic Display Stands

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At Artfixtures in San Francisco, California, our Multi-purposed stand has received great reviews, including a feature in House Beautiful. Check out a few testimonials from our customers.

Apple iPad Stand
"Just visited the Apple store. Standit beats every other option for a tablet stand. I've been a Mac user since 1985 and now of course I use an iPad. I was looking for a compact, convenient iPad stand and found what I think is the perfect solution—Standit. I believe it's the perfect tablet stand."
New Haven, CT

"I've always loved the Artfixtures stand. It comes apart to store flat, but is so stable when in use. I also love how little footprint it takes and lets the platter be the focal point. No scrolls or hinges. I have other stands but have been very impressed with how stable and compact your stand is. I added the larger stand to my order out of curiosity and respect for your quality. I’m a big fan!"
Carolyn R.

"Here is where I ate my breakfast in Boston while I read the newspaper on my iPad. Even while traveling, Standit travels with me. I have an iPad and use the stand all the time. It is sturdy, easy to put together and beautifully designed. Everyone should get this!"
Alice M.

"At an Apple One on One training session for my iPad, I set up my Stand-it and sat my iPad on it for the workshop. The man sitting next to me asked me about the stand, told me he thought it was great, insisted he couldn't wait to buy one and literally bought it out from under my iPad. I may have to go to the next workshop with a dozen."

Stephen G.

"I bought the stands for gifts and my first recipient loves it! They are very cool. Good luck."

"Our cousin was kind enough to give me an Standit shortly after I received an iPad. I find it most convenient to place on my desk as I'm working, I can catch up with NPR, or the latest news, or catch the weather report as I prepare to travel. It uses very little space, allowing me to spread out other paperwork, yet still be within easy reach. Good luck!"
Helena Bain
Tuscaloosa, AL

I've been a customer of Artfixtures for a long time. I make porcelain bowls and plates and their stands are a perfect fit for my work. When the iPad came out, the small black stand became the right holder for our iPads.

Wayne Bates
Murray, Kentucky



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